Storing, transporting and protecting your wargames models can be among the most difficult aspects of owning a miniature army. Whether your collection is a giant battalion or a small platoon, your models can become messy, disorganised and even damaged by poor storage and transport.

This is where The Magnet Shop comes in…

We’ve created WarMAG, a brand new and completely exclusive model storage and transport solution that will keep your miniature armies properly regimented, identifiable and easily deployable wherever you are. Our transport system is incredibly simple but devastatingly effective. In this blog we’re going to guide you through the ultimate modern storage solution for all wargames, Warhammer and similar brands of sci-fi, historical and fantasy figurines. 

War Gaming Magnetic Circles for Transportation Storage Box

Magnetise Your Wargaming Figures Instantly…  

You may already be familiar with generic magnetic model bases, but The Magnet Shop have made things a whole lot easier. Each of our circular bases consist of a thin, magnetised and flexible rubber material that can be applied to each model thanks to a smart adhesive backing. All you need to do is pick up one of our circular magnets, remove the sticky back, and apply it to your model for fast magnetisation of your entire army. Our thin magnetic bases are far simpler to use and cheaper to buy than neodymium or traditional disc magnets and won’t take hours to adhere individually with superglue.

We currently offer 25mm, 32mm and 40mm magnetic circles to suit the most common model base sizes - each magnet is 1.5mm thick with strong magnetism that securely attaches to our WarMAG box sheets. You’ll find that the 32mm base will be the best option for fitting to most standard wargame figure bases, whereas the 40mm will be brilliant for larger models and the 25mm for smaller figurines. 

War Gaming Miniature Storage Box With Base Sheet & Sticker Labels

Apply Your Newly Magnetised Models To Your Base Sheet And Box…

You can choose between smoked or clear storage boxes in 4 litre and 9 litre size options, complete with a custom made base sheet that fits perfectly inside the box. Each strong magnetic ferrous sheet is made with a flexible rubber base and a self-adhesive backing that will adhere to the bottom of your box. You can then magnetically fix your models to the magnetic upside surface using the model circles as mentioned previously. 

Base Sheet for War Gaming Miniature Storage Box

We’ve also included a range of striking base sheet colour options for you to match with your wargaming army, including Azure Storm, Blood Mist, Terrain Green, Moon Sand and more. These finishes are premium printed with a high gloss finish, giving your army a personal touch while in transport and storage. 

Base Sheet for War Gaming Miniature Storage Box

Once you’ve placed all your newly magnetised models on the magnetic base, you can then apply a matching sticky label, allowing you to clearly mark which army or collection is in each box.

Adding To Your Storage Collection

At The Magnetic Shop, you can order base sheets for your War Gaming Miniature Storage Box separately or in a particular quantity and colour if additions are required or you’re looking to expand your army.

We also allow you to purchase clear and smoke colour storage boxes on their own with identification labels to help enhance your new or existing collection.  

If you have any questions regarding custom orders or you’re looking for a storage box in a specific colour or larger quantity, please contact The Magnet Shop today and we will be happy to discuss bespoke orders in greater detail.

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