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Self Adhesive Magnets for Crafts
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  If you’re looking to buy craft magnets for your home, business or school, you’ve come to the right place. The Magnet Shop are stockists of many different types of craft magnets. From neodymium memo magnets, magnetic sheets for die storage or sign making, self adhesive magnets for crafts and magnetic whiteboards to write notes for your family or office. We’ve got you covered. Our specialty is in our flexible self adhesive magnets which we die cut right here in our factory in Devon, UK. These are perfect for light crafting activities, paper crafts and making your own fridge magnets. You can turn photos into instant fridge magnets, make your business cards magnetic, we even have a specially cut self adhesive magnet for making your own magnetic bookmarks. We have over 10 years experience working with magnets for sign making, promotional and home applications. With so many different magnetic materials out there, we can help point you in the right direction for all your needs, just contact our team and our magnet experts will be able to assist you. Everything You Need To Know About Magnets! Traditional craft magnets were made of ceramic and of flexible magnetic materials. With time, the prices of neodymium have drastically decreased. That’s why small magnets for crafts are now an essential part of your tool-kit. Whether they are magnets for crafts or not, when made from neodymium they are the strongest. Next in line is the ceramic and flexible magnets. One of the reasons why people use magnets for crafts is that they are flexible, easy to cut & adhere, convenient to use, and economical. You may want to use small craft magnets to come up with a wide range of projects. If you want, attach lightweight magnets on the backs of photos so that you can quickly hang them on the refrigerator. For heavier items, you need to use standard magnetic tape. Heavier and complex items, however, require heavy-duty versions of craft magnets. Other types of craft magnets should only be attached to items using adhesives that are strong enough to keep the bond in place. You might use these magnets to make serious items or as part of your hobby.

Product Reviews

“Really strong and great vibrant colours. Came SO quickly, 24hrs! Excellent” Emma Perkins

Neodymium Fridge Magnets

“Second time I’ve ordered these very good quality perfect for crafting as well as keeping dies attached to in folders as good as branded names and a lot cheaper.” Mr. D. G. Burton

A4 Plain Magnetic Sheets 0.5mm Thick

“I bought these to make magnetic wedding save the dates. Perfect – exactly what I needed. Discreet and good stick on them. They were able to hold the weight of a card gift tag with ribbon. Ideal for sticking to the fridge.” Miss A Tanner

Self Adhesive Magnetic Dots 12.5mm