At The Magnet Shop, we will embark with you on an exciting journey to discover how play can be a powerful tool for learning, especially when magnets are involved. From colouring in magnets, creative fridge poetry, engaging reward charts, fun toy darts, and our multi use magnetic stars, we have a wide range of magnetic toys to let your child learn and develop.

Let us help your child unlock the magic and fun of magnets, unleashing imaginations together. Our Fun and Learning page on our site holds all of our learning specific toys, having everything you need to heighten bonds, and to have fun whilst your child can understand the basics of magnets.

Creative Exploration

Being creative whilst learning can be one of the most effective and beneficial ways to maintain information. Our toys allow your child to grasp the principles of magnetism through hands-on exploration and various activities. This process allows young eager learners to discover magnetic properties, where they can see the answers to all of their ‘why’ questions through their own actions.

Available in many different themes to suit any child’s preference, our Colour-In Magnet Craft Set includes 1 sheet, with 6 large fridge magnet designs to colour in, as well as a pack of 10 free colouring pens. This set is easy to use, and works great with colouring pencils or felt tip pens. It is suitable for little ones ages 3 and up, sparking their imagination and creativity through colour, design, and of course, magnets. The colour in sets include themes of: pirate adventure, different dinos, pretty princesses, or magnificent mermaids.

Educational Benefits

Whilst playing with the purpose of learning about a new concept, a child’s cognitive, social and emotional intelligence can rise rapidly. This also includes their enhanced problem solving skills, creativity and resilience to try and try again when something doesn’t go their way. Learning with playful interactions with magnetic toys can promote a positive mindset around new things, ensuring they are not frightened or wary of the unknown, instead curious and brave to try new things.

Learning with a positive attitude can encourage children to take risks, learn from failure, and persevere with new challenges. Our poetry magnetic set is the perfect way to spark imaginations from the kitchen fridge or any other magnetic surface. This creative kit contains 400 words to help your child explore a love of poetry and the English language. These magnets will stick to most metal surfaces, except things like aluminium, and are great for learning and expanding your creative horizons through words.

Commitment to Play

Here at The Magnet Shop, we are passionate about fostering learning through play, providing high quality magnetic toys to foster this, alongside resources which inspire creativity and curiosity. Our commitment to safety is at the forefront of our mission, as without safe products, we cannot encourage or support the educational benefits from our products. We strive to support parents, educators and caregivers in promoting hands-on learning experiences with magnets.

Our Magnetic Neodymium Toy Darts Set, comes in red or grey, and is hours of fun, for everyone involved. This set is compatible with any magnetic dartboard out there and will also stick effectively to any magnet receptive surface. They are made from lightweight, yet durable, plastic with a small but strong neodymium magnet tip. These safer alternatives are easy to handle by players of all ages. It is a fun, great game, allowing young children to get a grasp of all sorts of principles, including coordination, aim, resilience, as well as the basic understanding of how magnets work.

Learning through play with magnets offers a magical combination of fun, exploration, and a range of educational benefits. Whether building, experimenting, or playing games, magnets can provide a captivating platform for curious conversations, and critical thinking skills. Join us at The Magnet Shop as we celebrate the power of play, and embark on an exciting learning journey, with magnets as our guides! 

Post By Holly