Die storage options for you and other craft enthusiasts

There are many people in search of the best way to store their excessive dies and stamps. They find this essential activity a little tricky, especially when dealing with cut dies and all sorts of crafting tools. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a few dies that can fit inside a cardboard shoe box. Die storage is essentially done to the scale that will meet each user’s unique needs.

You may want to try out the following ideas:

Three-ring binder

This binder holds vinyl pocket pages into which dies can fit. However, it doesn’t work for very thin and lightweight dies that are subject to breaking. That’s because it might not be able to provide all the protection these dies require. When reinforced with magnetic sheets, this provides the best storage solutions for any type of die.

Vent covers

If you have wafer-thin dies, the best die storage lies in the vent covers. It is also usually reinforced with magnetic sheets. This can, however, make the covers way too heavy for your liking. One of these products can hold as many as three magnetic sheets. That means you can store as many dies as you would like.

Storage cases

There are many different types of cases that you can use for die storage. This is good for you especially if you need large storage space. The case essentially holds up to 21 sheets. If you want, move a sheet containing dies to your working surface and return it to the case later without a fuss. When you remove the storage sheets, you can use them in your choice storage bin. That allows you to flip the sheets back and forth, just like recipe cards, till you get what you are looking for.

Stamp storage systems

These are what you need to accommodate much larger dies. Just like the storage cases described above, it has three divider sheets for protecting your stamps from the ridges of the metal dies. A single case can hold between eight and ten stamps or die sheets. The double-sided sheets are such that one side can store wafer-thin dies while the other holds cling and clear acrylic stamps.

Die storage boxes

Just like the stamp storage systems, this has double-sided magnetic sheets. It consists of a storage box and as many as nine magnetic pages. It will serve you very well if you have matched-up stamp-and-die sets. They have sturdy magnetic sheets to ensure that your dies do not fall out of place while in storage. The boxes allow you to store the most number of dies in a small space. The problem with this is that you will not be able to organize your dies according to brand, theme or type. In other words, you may not conform to your preferred grouping system.

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