In the realm of DIY projects and creative endeavours, magnetic photo paper, magnetic sheets and different magnetic shapes are often unsung heroes. Here at The Magnet Shop, we believe magnets are versatile tools offering endless possibilities for anyone looking to enhance their creations and add a magnetic element to their crafting projects. From home decor, to educational aids, our magnets have a myriad of ways to elevate your creative pursuits.

Functional Home Decor

By using magnets, you can easily transform a mundane space into a fun collage of photos, or regular items can be turned into functional pieces of art, by incorporating adhesive magnetic sheets onto them. Turn a plain cork board into a magnetic memo board simply by adhering magnetic sheets to its surface. This allows you to easily and quickly display photos, notes, or reminders with ease, adding both style and functionality to your space.

Similarly, you could revamp your fridge or filing cabinet by attaching magnetic sheets to create customisable magnetic surfaces for displaying artwork, photos, calendars, or shopping lists. These handy sheets are available in different sizes, are easily cut with scissors or a paper cutter, and are the perfect solution to allow your creativity to run wild with projects to create.

Or our magnetic photo paper is of high quality, and is perfect for printing photos or designs. It is excellent for creating photo fridge magnets that you could give as hand - made gifts, or to make and display in your home. Make sure you print using one sheet at a time and preferably use an inkjet printer. Laser or colour copiers will usually work, but there is a higher risk of damage during printing. Available in matt and gloss finish, and sold in packs of 5 and 10 magnetic sheets, our magnetic photo paper can be easily cut to size with scissors or a guillotine, fitting any size image.

Educational Tools

For educators and parents, magnets and magnetic sheets offer innovative solutions for creating fun and interactive learning tools. Turn flashcards into magnetic puzzles by attaching magnets to the back of each card, allowing children to arrange and rearrange them on a magnetic board. Additionally, craft magnetic alphabet or number titles for hands - on learning activities that engage young learners, reinforcing essential skills in a fun and interactive way. Engaging something that is fun has been proven to help retain knowledge, improving a child’s skill set in a proactive way.

Our pre-made educational magnetic products include reward charts, stars, which can be used in a range of ways to best suit and motivate your child, colouring in magnets, as well as fridge poetry, which is guaranteed to spark the imagination.

Crafting DIY Projects

Whether you are a seasoned crafter or a DIY enthusiast, magnets and magnetic sheets, as well as our range of shapes, can be used to take your next project to the next level. Magnetic sheets can be used as the backing for homemade magnets, coasters, or picture frames, providing a convenient way to display and store your creations on any magnetic surface. Additionally, incorporating magnets into handmade gifts, such as magnetic bookmarks, or fridge photo frames, makes for a thoughtful and functional touch.

We offer polaroid photo frames for fridges, or you could have fun and create your own to suit any sized photo with our magnetic sheets. Both will offer a fun, durable, secure, and high quality way to display your favourite photos.

Magnets are an invaluable way to spark creativity and assist in projects to see them come to life. Whether you are organising your space, engaging in educational activities, or simply brightening an otherwise dull space with some great photos, these versatile magnets offer endless possibilities for innovation and expression. So, why not explore the potential of magnets and all of the other fun accessories on offer, elevating your next creative endeavour. The only limit is your imagination.

Post By Holly