Make your very own magnetic drawing desk with our how-to guide. Tired of leaning awkwardly over your ill suited desk? Want a way to display your artwork when not at the table? Look no further!

You Will Need:

Plywood x 2 boards

Lift Up Ratchet Support x 2

Long/Continuous Hinge x 1

Appropriate Screws for Hinge and Ratchet


Magnetically Adhesive Rubber Sheets 

Small Containers (Optional)

1. Prepare Plywood

Cut down plywood boards using a saw, making sure that the one which will be used for the drawing desk is the same size as the magnetic sheet. Our magnetically adhesive sheets reach A2 in size. Either, cut plywood to A2 or sheets to match the same size as the boards.

Paint or decorate the boards to suit your style. 

2. Join Boards Together

Put the boards on top of each other up so that both right sides are facing up. Screw the hinge into place - it should go on the inside angle and allow the top board to move up and down. 

Make sure that the boards lay flat when the hinge is fully extended. The board should be able to move from 0o – 180o.

3. Attach Lift Support

Screw the lift up ratchet supports into place between the boards, and on the left and right edges. Make sure that they are far enough apart to support any weight that may be put onto the drawing desk. 

4. Tool Holders

To add paintbrush and pencil holders, screw some small plastic containers to the side of the top board.

5. Add Magnetic Sheet

Make sure that the magnetic sheet is the right size. Either apply as it is, cut to size and use multiple sheets. 

Peel away the adhesive backing and carefully attach to the top board. Make sure it lies smoothly by going from one side to the other. Use a rolling pin or something similar to smooth the sheet across the board. 

Your drawing desk is now complete. This can either be portable or attached to another desk to make a permanent set up or studio. 

Why not buy some of our magnetic push pins to help secure your art and works in progress?

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Post By Jenny