When it comes to home decoration, there are numerous nifty ways to maximise space and revamp a room. Underbed storage, overhead shelving, DIY decorations. While there are a variety of options to choose from, we think that magnetic strips are the ultimate household hero. Simple and affordable, magnets are best for your design plans and your budget. 

In this blog, we’ll show you 7 ingenious ways to use magnetic strips around your home. 

Kitchen Clutter

Kitchens seem to accumulate clutter. Keys are left on countertops, drawers are filled to bursting with pans, and cupboards overflow with bizarre kitchen commodities received last Christmas. The best storage solution that doesn’t add to the clutter is to use magnetic strips! While commonly used for knives, there are a myriad of ways to utilise them in the kitchen.

Attach strips to a back wall, from which you can hang other utensils such as sieves and spoons. Apply to the underside of a fridge shelf to raise beer bottles and give your food more room. You don’t have to stop there, why not try making your own…

Spice Rack

Herbs and spices can overcrowd cupboards and use precious space. Move them from off the shelves and make room for more goodies with a homemade spice rack.

Using magnetic strips or sheets, simply decant your spices into jars with metal lids (most shops sell spices and herbs with plastic ones), label appropriately and hey presto! Place the rack in the ideal spot and soon you’ll be cooking like a pro. 

Not only does this rack take up less space, but it also makes spices and herbs easier to see!

Fly Nets

The summer is here, and unfortunately, so are the bugs! Keep the heat and the insects at bay by using magnetic strips to create a fly net.

Cut a thin fabric mesh to the size of your window and using magnetic strips, fix securely to the window frame. Now, fresh air can come in and critters can stay out!

Key Corner

Two things are bound to happen to keys. They get lost the moment we come home, or are thrown with a jangle into a bowl in the hallway. Never lose your keys again with this hack that’s both stylish and savvy. 

Alongside your magnetic strip, you will need decorating tools of your choice to suit the design of your home. Simply decorate the strip (using fabric is a great way cover the strip) and place it by the door. In addition to hanging keys, use small metal buttons to remember your post and paperwork. You could even hang leads ready for dog walks! 

Bathroom Organiser

It’s not just kitchen countertops that gather an array of unusual items. Sinks and bathtubs can end up lined with everything from hair ties to grooming products. With a magnetic strip, you can keep track of these small items. Hair clips, makeup brushes and more. While you can hang your strip anywhere, we recommend that it is placed away from the shower, as steam may weaken the adhesive.

This trick can be used in any room in the house for those things that are hard to find, including nails and needles and pins.

Banging Doors

Fed up of accidentally slamming cupboard doors? Why not attach some magnetic strips to the inside panels? That way, doors close gently and the strips mute the noise!

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are a great way to spruce up a room without adding bulky frames or drilling into walls.

Simply find your chosen hanging, be it a tapestry, print or photo, and place between the magnetic strips. Decorate the strip if needed to match the decor and hang in the room of your choice.

If you want to make hangings without breaking the bank, we recommend using postcards to make a gallery wall. 

Post By Jenny