Calling all table-top gamers, the date has been set! We are launching our new product range, WARMAG, on… *drum roll please*…


Yes, you read correctly that’s next week!

Are we crazy? Maybe...
Are we ready? Certainly!
Should you be excited? Most definitely.

We’ve got your miniature war gaming transportation and storage needs covered with our eye-catchingly designed range. The magnetically receptive base-sheets we have created come in many designs and colours, so you are able to create the perfect atmosphere for your figures. The sheets sit flush and corner-to-corner in the 4L and 9L transportation boxes, so no need to cut anything yourself. Simply attach our magnetic circles to the base of your figures and place them as you wish, for the ideal solution your collection merits.

Benefits to our range:
• Simple yet effective storage and transportation solution
• Excellent protection to keep your miniatures apart from each other
• Easily see and find your miniatures during their storage time
• Aesthetically pleasing designs

We hope you are as excited as we are!

Share your collection with us using the hashtag #WarMag on social media, tag and follow us at @The_Magnet_Shop - we’d love to see your pictures!

Finally... we are so excited to tell you that YouTuber, @IdicBeer40k is helping us launch this range and we will be announcing some more things next week including a competition where you could win big! Head over to his channel, @IdicBeer40k and subscribe now so you don’t miss out!

Post By Matt