If you’re looking to attract your children to the world of magnets, we’ve put together some of the best activities for kids to try and for you to reward them!

Magnet play is important for kids of all ages. From motor skill refinement to hand eye coordination, language to problem solving, enjoying magnets is a multifaceted way to learn and have fun at the same time. Even adults can find the fun and function in playing and using them in day-to-day life. You can discover our full range by visiting Fun & Learning at The Magnet Shop.

If you’re interested in getting your kids involved in active learning and using these activities as part of a reward and behaviour tracking structure, we’ve got exactly what you need. We’ve handpicked some of our favourite magnetic themed products to encourage creativity and recognise your child’s achievements along the way.

Fridge Poetry

With over 400 magnetic words included - get your children learning about sentence structure, rhymes, creative wordplay and more. These fridge magnet words stick to any metal surface and will keep your child busy and their imagination fully engaged. 

Children's Colour-In Magnet Craft Set - Pirates

Create your own pirate-themed fridge magnets with this easy to use colour-in magnet set. The 6 swashbuckling designs are presented on an A4 magnetic sheet with a clear outline and cut-out to show you how to peel and pull away your finished magnet.

Children's Colour-In Magnet Craft Set - Pirates

Magnetic Neodymium Toy Darts Set

Get hours of entertainment with our Neodymium Toy Darts Set that are receptive to all darboards and will stick to any suitable surface. Made from lightweight yet durable plastic with a strong Neodymium magnet tip, these darts are not only safe and easy to handle, they’re also available in two different colours to identify your teammates!

Magnetic Neodymium Toy Darts Set - Pack of 6 (Grey or Red)

WallTAC ReAdhesive Dry Wipe World Map

Why not try something from our WallTAC collection? This reusable world map isn't a magnet as such, but uses a unique sticky backing that can be easily reapplied and repositioned anywhere in your home. The WallTAC backing is inspired by the easy re-adhesion of magnets but instead works with a special sticky backing that can be applied anywhere in your home and then placed elsewhere if necessary. Great for teaching children about the different countries and their flags as well as continents and world geography in general.  

WallTAC ReAdhesive Dry Wipe World Map

Children’s Reward Chart and Whiteboard

This chart and whiteboard will allow parents or teachers to award stars for good behaviour or completing tasks. You can even use the pens provided to allow your children to colour in stars themselves. With space to write down activities, names and rewards, you can visually track their behaviour and progress in a fun and practical way!

Children’s Reward Chart and Whiteboard

Children’s Behaviour Chart

This chart is geared around helping children to value kindness, empathy and good behaviour throughout the week. When positive behaviours and emotions are displayed, you can reward them and inspire them to repeat and continue their good behaviour.

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