A good charger is a vital accessory to any smartphone, saving you from flat batteries and interrupted phone use. But in case you weren't aware, the future of phone chargers has already arrived and it comes in the form of magnetic charging cables - an absolute essential for anyone who takes smartphone use seriously.

If you’re fed up with fraying cables, fiddly charging connections and compatibility problems, The Magnet Shop offers you magnetic charging cables in a unique range of colours with different attachments to suit your phone perfectly. In our latest blog, we explore all the best reasons why you need to get your hands on a magnetic phone charger today.

Universally Compatible

Magnetic USB charging cables from The Magnet Shop are compatible with both Android and Apple iPhone products. When you buy one of our chargers, you’ll get a Lightning Cable attachment and an all-new USB-C attachment to use with any smartphone or modern electronics you own, giving you the brilliant benefits of magnetic charging, instantly.

Simpler & Safer Charging

Your USB-C or Lightning attachment will fit seamlessly and discreetly into your chosen charging port. Once in place, the strong magnetic cable will effortlessly connect to the attachment, reducing fiddly, frustrating or awkward connections while you are on the move or at home. It will also stay safely connected to your phone, thanks to the cable’s strong magnetic connection for the easiest, most reliable charging experience out there.

Find Your Charger In The Dark 

Our magnetic charging cables come with a specially integrated green LED light built into the magnetic charging end of the cable. This makes finding your phone and your charger easy at night, in low light conditions and in complete darkness. The LED light won’t impact battery or charging performance and will always ensure you can find your phone when you need it. 

Faster Charging

Our magnetic cables and attachments promise high performance, allowing you to charge your phone and electronics easily and rapidly at a maximum speed of up to 60% faster than a standard phone charger!

Protects Your Phone

By keeping the slim magnetic attachment in place and using the easy magnetic adherence to charge your phone, you’ll reduce the wear and tear associated with regular charging port use. Simply plug in the correct attachment and leave it.

The frequent use of regular android and iPhone charging connectors can cause the port to become worn out and irregular or improper use can even cause phone shattering in extreme cases. By keeping your magnetic attachment in place, you will prevent dust from getting in and damaging the port. The charging cable's exterior is also made with a tough braided rubber coating for additional durability that will prevent the fraying and damage associated with regular or cheap cable alternatives.

Magnetic Phone Charging Cable With USB & Lightning Attachments - 1m

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